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How to Get a “Hard to Get” Girl Attracted to You

If you struggle trying to turn a female friend into a lover…

==>here’s how to get a hard to get girl attracted to you

Today I’d like to go over a couple questions from guys who are in the “friend zone” and are struggling to be more than “just a friend” with a woman they like.

Pay close attention these “case studies”… they might be exactly like what you’re going through…

Let’s start with the first question…


So I am friends with a girl and recently she wanted to watch a horror movie with me.

Some side info: this girl says she just likes me as a friend (friend zone struggle).

We go to the gym together and before the first week of working out, she texted me saying something along the lines of “hey Richard, you’re not doing this whole workout thing with me to try to get closer and make a move on me are you?” Being the relationship inept person I am, I said “no no, I just wanted to get healthy with a friend”

Now on to the question.

So we’re watching the movies… When we were watching the first of the two movies, she started to move closer and closer to me until the point of us cuddling. This initially confused me but i didn’t say anything and just enjoyed the film.

A while later I sat up and put my arm on the back of the couch for support. Further along she began holding my hand… and further confusing me lol(socially inept). During the second movie when we were holding hands, I wanted to test something, so I gently began caressing her hand in mine (cringe sorry)

Soon after, we stopped to get water, but got into a similar position she started to caress my hand too! This proved my hypothesis, but I don’t know what this means or how to analyze it lol.

After the movie, she was complaining of being tired , so she leaned down on my chest and watched me as I played on my phone, only to fall asleep on my chest.

So what does this mean? XD

– Richard

>>>My Comments

Hey Richard, you may want to sit down for this… Hold on to something tight, because I’m going to yell at you for your own good… YOU ARE TOTALLY MISSING WHAT’S GOING ON HERE.

This girl is throwing hints at you left and right, probably hoping that you’d make a move… but you let the opportunity slip by!

She probably wanted you to do something, so she got really close to you throwing obvious clues that any other guy would take as her saying “Come on big boy make a move on me already!”

But you felt like you were friend zoned previously, and it limited you…

So here is the first lesson to take from this experience:

Lesson #1: Don’t pay attention to what a woman SAYS, pay attention to how she ACTS.

Remember, women are emotional creatures… and her actions and words are often in conflict.

It’s not that they are lying… it’s simply that what they feel is often temporary.

And this brings me to the second lesson.

Lesson #2: A woman’s feelings for you aren’t set in stone.

What does this mean?

This means that if she ever says “I like you as a friend”… it probably means “I only have feelings for you as a friend… at the moment”

Likewise, when a girl says “I really like you” what she really is saying is “I like you… at this moment”

Now Richard, while your girl SAID she friend zoned you in the past… the way she ACTED during the movie suggested the contrary… that she actually thought of you as MORE THAN A FRIEND!

And you BLEW IT!

It’s aright man… I feel ya.

Because I’ve been there.

But I’m also excited for ya.

You know why?

Because this is a HUGE learning experience that should hopefully get you ready for next time you fall into this situation.

Next time a woman is sitting that close to you… watching a horror movie… cuddling… and caressing your hand… you BETTER lean in and KISS HER!


Playfully blame her for turning you on and for being so damn pretty. Make it HER fault for making you do those things.

Not only is this damn good flirting, but it distinguishes you from all the other guys who get jittery and nervous when it comes to kissing her.

She’ll say to herself “damn this guy is confident”

Because you’re indicating with your playfulness that you aren’t taking any of this too seriously… and that REALLY impresses her.

THAT’S how to get a hard to get girl attracted.


Now what do you do if she “rejects” the kiss? Lean back, and try again later.

Remember, two steps forward, one step back.

That’s what a confident, in-control man will do… because he knows he’ll get her eventually. And if he doesn’t… he’s got other options anyways.

Plus, the action of confidently going for the kiss already makes you MORE ATTRACTIVE in her eyes, so all you need to do is have a little patience, and she’ll probably be ready for your kiss when you try again later.

Whatever happens, you’ll be glad that you TOOK ACTION.

You’ll look back and feel proud that you went for what you truly wanted with that amazing woman.

Because you’ll know you didn’t settle for the consolation price of JUST being the typical nice friend she never gets physical with.

And you won’t look back at this 5 years from now regretting not ever making a move on her… knowing it was there for the taking.

That’s why it’s crucial that you learn how to trigger attraction in a woman NOW, so that you don’t miss your opportunity of being more than “just a friend” to her and the next amazing woman that you meet.

==> Learn the 12 Attraction Weapons you can use over and over again to attract a hard to get girl and turn her into a lover

Ok. Moving on to the 2nd question…


How do I Escape the Friend Zone With a Hard to Get Girl?

Okay so I’ve been speaking to this girl and she sometimes refers to us as best friends but other times as a couple.

Could you please explain why?

If she has friend zoned me could you give me some pointers on “escaping” the friend zone? Thanks

– Harry

>>>My Comments

Harry, if you want to escape the friend zone, there are two things you have to keep in mind.

1. A Girl’s Feelings For You Aren’t “Set in Stone”

Ever had a girl who said “I like you” one day, and a couple weeks later seemed colder than frosty the snowman in a blizzard at the north pole?

That’s because a girl’s feelings for you can change over time.

Whenever a girl says “I like you” it really means “I like you…. at this moment right now”

Similarly, if a girl “Friend Zones” you, it means she only thinks of you as a friend, at the moment in time she said it.

This brings us to the second thing to keep in mind…

2. Don’t Pay Attention to Her WORDS.. Pay Attention to Her ACTIONS

If you want to ascertain whether or not a girl likes you, don’t judge it based on something she said in the past… judge it by the actions she is doing right now… by her BEHAVIOR.

So if a woman treats you as a boyfriend in some cases, and merely as a friend in other cases… then she probably has at least some attraction for you… but not enough to make her want to chase you. She sees you more as a friend than as a potential lover.

Your job, of course, is to become the lover.

How? Well if she likes you at least a little bit, it means you’ve done at least SOME things right to create attraction in her (good job).

But if she still thinks of you too much as a friend, it means you’re not creating enough attraction to tip the scales to your favor.

Here’s how to turn things around and make her chase you:

==> Learn the 4 things that make her chase you

Most men NEVER learn how to get a hard to get girl. They spend most of their lives wasting time chasing women and feeling frustrated because chasing only PUSHES THEM AWAY further.

You want to flip the script.

This video shows you the exact steps to get a hard to get girl and make her chase you.

Make it happen!



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